2019 Parish Council

Aris Floros, President

Spyro Martin, 1st Vice President

Dino Boutsikaris, 2nd Vice President

Mihalis Hrisafinis, Secretary

Maggie Cousoulis, Treasurer

Dr. Costa Kaiafas, Ass't Treasurer

Perry Kelly

Al Peters

Sotiris Sergiou

Peter Ziogas


Honorary Member:    Tina Lines

Parish Council Information:

  • Parish Council members are elected for 2 year terms.  
  • There are 13 members with alternating elections, six positions for one election and seven positions for the next election.  
  • Nominations for elections begin during the General Assembly every November, with elections in December, and swearing into office in January.
  • The newly formed council in January elect their officers for the year.
Minutes of the Meetings and Church Financials are available for the Parishioners to view at the Church Office
If there are any questions or concerns, please contact any Member of the Parish Council.  
The most convenient method is to approach a Parish Council Member after service, during coffee hour.  
Parish Council Members wear a namebadge designating them as such.  
In addition, the Parish Council has Liaison Officers appointed to the Ministries and Organizations of our Church.


Guidebook, Regulations & Procedures:

Our Faith

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