Byzantine Chanters

Music plays an integral role in Orthodox worship. The traditional musical expression of our sacred hymnology utilizes the Byzantine system of music, which is based on the music of the Ancient Greeks. The Byzantine chanters of our parish, led by Protopsaltis (Master Chanter) Apostolos Combitsis, are instructed in the Patriarchal style of Byzantine chant and participate at the Analogion (chanter's stand) for the Glory of God. The importance of the chanter in Greek Orthodox liturgical life has historical origins, and the chanter's ministry has had an evolution dating back to the 9th century. Primarily, the chanter represents the voice of the people within the context of the Divine Liturgy and other sacred services of the Church. It must be emphasized that Byzantine chant is not a performance, but is PRAYER that cleanses and heals the soul of man, or as mentioned by the great First-Chanter of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Thrasivoulos Stanitsas of blessed memory, “The language of Byzantine music is an eternal chant, by which our people come to a dialogue with God."

If you are interested in learning how to chant the hymnology of our church and would like to become a member of the Byzantine Chanters, please contact Apostolos Combitsis at


Chanters 1.20.20Saint Barbara Byzantine Chanters:

Apostolos Combitsis, Protopsaltis (Master Chanter)
Vassos Chrysanthou 
Mihalis Hrisafinis
George Gkionis