Camp Noah

2015 dates TBA

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Camp Noah is a locally hosted event for elementary-age children whose communities have been impacted by disaster.

The Mission: to bring hope and healing to communities that have been impacted by disaster.

The Vision: to serve disaster-impacted children and families by building resiliency, restoring hope and changing lives.

How it works: Camp Noah provides a safe, caring and fun environment where children build resiliency skills within the familiarity of their own communities, using a proven curriculum designed to help children process their disaster and/or trauma experience through creative activities and play.

Camp Noah celebrates every child as special. In this safe and supportive setting, children are encouraged to face their fears, grieve their losses, identify and share their unique gifts and talents, and plan for an amazing future.

Our Faith

"We knew not whether we were in heaven or on earth, for surely there is no such splendor or beauty anywhere on earth. We cannot describe it to you; we only know that God dwells there among men and that their Service surpasses the worship of all other places..." Learn more»