September 27th, 28th, & 29th, 2019


Dear Parishioners:


The Festival is almost here so we wanted to bring to everyone's attention some updates for this year. We have installed a festival bus loop for the safety of our visitors with a view to no longer have on-site parking for visitors, which has become very common for most church festivals now.  This also allows us to open up the festival as a fully pedestrianized event with a plan of getting more attendance and easing the crowd flow during the weekend whilst keeping everyone safe by eliminating vehicles driving through the festival.

 We have increased the number of shuttle buses from Ocean County College so everyone must park at the college and take the 4 minute bus ride to the church. There will be no handicap parking at church either but we will have handicap parking at the college closer to where the buses will pick up and will also have extra handicap shuttle buses.

There will be some onsite parking for volunteers and vendors in the back parking lot but once that is full, you will have to park at the college. If you are fit and able, we ask that you go directly to the college and leave the on-site parking for those that really need closer parking. If you feel you will need a volunteer parking pass please contact the church office and confirm which stand you are volunteering on as you will need to display the pass in your car windshield to get past the police officer at the church entrance.

There will only be one entrance into the festival on the memorial garden side, and the old handicap spaces will be utilized by moving the GOYA Lemonade, PTO Frappe and Loukoumades stands into those spots. We will have a new Grilled Octopus Stand and a couple of GOYA Game Trailers to also fill out the space.  

Please spread the word of the major changes to the festival this year so our families, friends and visitors understand and go directly to the college to park and do not hold up traffic on Church Road trying to get in.  It is only a 4 minute bus ride from the college and we have many extra buses this year that will run all day until the festival closes.

Thank you all as always for your support as we make the final preparations for our Saint Barbara 2019 Festival.......OPA!!!




For more information, go to the Festival webpage,

See the GOYA dancers in action!

To watch WOBM's Shawn Michaels' video, "Let's Take a Trip to Greece!",

taken at the 2016 Festival, click here



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